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With experience across all sectors of lighting control and building automation we can design, supply, commission and service your lighting control system and building automation system.

New installations

System Design

We work with all relevant stakeholders on any project to ensure that customer expectations and requirements are satisfied at project handover.

Customer Drivers

Dashboard It is important to understand why the customer wants a lighting control system and building automation system. This ensures that the correct decisions are made when prioritising the factors that need to be addressed in system design.

  • Energy savings
  • Automatic control
  • Remote control
  • Luxury finishes
  • System monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Centralised integrated control


Customer Requirements

To successfully manage customer expectation, it is necessary to ensure the customer requirements are realistic to deliver the desired outcome. slide13

  • Green star ratings
  • BCA requirement
  • Sufficient control points
  • Sensor detection areas
  • Timed control
  • Daylight control
  • Multizone control
  • Load types
  • Specified system integration.
  • Emergency lighting

Control Philosophy

For the customer to understand what we will be delivering, a plain english document describing the control philosphy will be developed to explain exactly what functions the system will perform.

  • User button actions
  • Sensor actions
  • Sensor detection range and sensitivity
  • Integration functionality
  • Automatic timed events
  • Central monitoring functions
  • Remote functionality

Hardware Design

Based on the customer drivers, expectations and requirements in addition to the control philosphy that evolves from this, the system hardware can be designed to meet the requirements. A line diagram showing the system schematic and wiring specification is produced to be used in conjunction with the electrical drawings. A bill of materiels will be generated from the system schematic.

Hardware Supply

Viridis Systems has agreements with manufacturers and national distribution networks to be able to procure the specified hardware as required. Because the material is sourced at or close to the point of manufacture, Viridis Systems is able to provide a high level of service and warranty support for any hardware that is supplied by Viridis Systems.


Commissioning is carried out following CIBSE commissioning guidlines where appropriate.

  • CIBSE Commissioning Code C: Automatic Controls
  • CIBSE Commissioning Code L: Lighting
  • CIBSE Commissioning Code M: Commissioning Management

Viridis Systems has a vast amount of commissioning experience from the smallest residential job to the largest commercial project working at all levels of complexity.

After Sales Service

Once a project has been handed over to the client, Viridis Systems will continue to support the system for the life of the system. Often an inexpensive phone call to request a remote system log-in is all that is required to solve any immediate problems and we provide on-site service calls as required.

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Existing Installations

With over 25 years experience in programming lighting controls systems, we are an accredited programmers with Philips Dynalite, Tridium Nigara, Clipsal CBus, DALI and KNX.

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Where homes or buildings have an existing lighting control system already installed, new technologies are becoming available to integrate or update your system. For example, the lighting user panels need to control the AC or your would like tablet control of all systems or an energy dashboard is required to monitor electricity consumption. Viridis Systems can advise, supply the relevant hardware and program the system to your specification.


if you are changing your lighting control system or building automation system in any way then it is best to contact us before you start. Where a home or building is renovated or refurbished, control hardware can often be re-used by simple reprogramming. If load types have been updated to florescent or LED then we can advise on the most efficient method in terms of cost to make your system continue to perform as well as it did before.

System Tuning

In the commercial office space, energy conservation measures such as daylight harvesting and lumen maintenance are often used to run a lighting system as efficiently as possible. Over time furniture is moved, lamps become dusty, light fittings and sensors are moved, wall and carpet colours are changed. All these changes affect the amount of light that is picked up by a PE sensor in relation to the amount of artificial light that is generated by the light fittings. This will affect the light levels at the work surface to be be unnecessarily high or dangerously low. The lighting controls system should be re-tuned periodically to ensure that it is running at optimum efficiency.


From time to time a system component will fail due to a power surge, misuse or by simly reaching it’s end of life. In an emergency, we can talk an electrician through a bypass procedure to ensure that lighting is at safe levels before attending site to ascertain the fastest and cheapest way of returning the system to full functionality

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